It Begins Anew.....

The dwarves had begun preparing for a feast. Duke Fargrim was grateful to the party for their assistance in retrieving Prince Thorfin, but he did not want to make too much of their assistance. Prince Thorfin and those that you rescued have much different feelings about the situation. They, through the Castellan Berand, have maneuvered the situation to arrange and hold a large feast in your honor.

Just because there is a feast doesn’t mean the Orc’s have gone away. Patrols and guard stations are sill on duty being vigilant for trouble. those not on dute were almost merry as they arranged tables, cooked food and debated the best kinds of ale they had. It had been many long years since something uplifting like this had happened. Things were almost festive….for dwarves. Something that the group was also in desperate need of. As a result the group was dispersed looking for equipment, spreading the word of Moradin and enjoying a few moments of rest.

The party; Articus, Thar, Talmour, Feral and Torec discover these details later in the day…...

During the preparations Rohir was approached by Berand for his insight into a matter. It seemed that something of note was discovered in one of the store-rooms. Berand gave no sign that there was any danger and thus Rohir went to investigate.

Rohir followed Berand to the storage room. The tale is that a dwarf while retrieving some casks of several hundred year old drink discovered a sigil in the wall. The Dwarf had touched the sigil and suffered no ill effects. The symbol resembled the symbol of Colloron that Rohir wears.

Rohir and Berand arrived at the storage room and Rohir began examining the symbol. The symbol was etched into the wall behind where the Kegs lay. It was indeed a symbol of Corrolon, but with additional protective shielding symbols incorporated. Further investigation uncovered that the walls seem to be damaged and the clay plaster, that previously had hidden the symbol, had broken loose. This was most likely caused by the recent earth quakes cased by the dimensional rifts plaguing the area. The symbol itself only very faintly radiated any magic.

Old fables and sermons spoke of a symbol such of this. The tale goes as such: It was a type of imprisonment that at one time was used to contain Joran Brightleaf. He was an eladrin assasin that was sent to slay the priests of Corrolon. He failed in his duty, but rather than be put to death he was imprisoned in a room of stone with magic wards. The priest Dardallion or Corollon was also imprisoned in a crystal incorporated into the wards so that he could empathetically help to rehabilitate Joran. Once released, Joran became one of the staunchest defenders of the faith and helped to raise the church of Corrolon to new heights of greatness.

There were also fragments of stories that this sort of containment has been used other times in the past, but the details of how the symbol and prison were created or managed were not among the details.

Thus Rohir proceeded to uncover a bit more of the hidden prison to find where the actual protective wards and entrance were located. As the wall came apart the digging of the pick disrupted the wards on the prison and resulted in a large explosion.

Berand was thrown from the room and the door blocked by a massive stone. Rohir was hurt and thrown to the ground by the blast. With Berand knocked unconscious no one knows what actually transpired next. It is assumed that Rohir did battle with the creature that was imprisoned, but nothing beyond that is known.

It is assumed, and this is related to everyone by Zachar, that Rohir must have ended up touching the control crystal. The creature must have taken it when the wall exploded and was intent on destroying it to kill the guardian trapped inside. Only with the death of the guardian could the creature truly escape the remaining wards. Zachar knows that the crystal was keyed to allow someone of the faith of Corollon to trade places with Zachar. This was typical when the being trapped for rehabilitation was either extremely long lived or immortal.

Having fought the trapped creatures before, Dust Demons, Zachar did battle with the creature and dispatched it. The demon had obviously not been reformed. Zachar then proceeded to work his way out of the rubble and dig through the stone blocking the door.

Berand, now awake heard the digging and began to dig/force his way back into the room. He was finally able to force his way into the room. To his fear, Rohir was nowhere to be seen and some indigo skinned humanoid stood in this place. He attacked this person thinking it responsible for Rohirs disappearance. Zachar held back from attacking Berand, but Berand had no such notions and blows were traded. The guardian was finally able to use his skills at diplomacy to convince Berand of his sincerity. He was taken in custody and locked in a cell for several hours while the party and duke were assembled.

He was eventually brought before Duke Fargrim, the dwarves and eventually the party themselves to answer everyones questions. Zachar had comported himself with dignity and honor, even offering up weapons that his jailers were not aware of. Duke Fargrim and Berand were eventually satisfied with the base character of Zachar and released him. Zachar does have a dwarf shadow that keeps watch on him, just to make sure of his activities.


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